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We build the homes you want to own. Then we take care of them. All at the next level.

We make it painless to achieve perfection


Building a custom home can be a challenge since it involves interaction with a creative team consisting of builders, architects, designers and suppliers. However, the journey is well worth your time, because every aspect of your new custom home is personally tailored to you and your lifestyle. We will walk you through what you can expect and how we will interact along the way. We pride ourselves in our ability to manage all the necessary aspects of the building process in order to make it an engaging and stress-free experience.


After our initial meeting to discuss your project personally with you and your architect, we go to work on our Proposal for Construction.  Included in our proposal is a very comprehensive spreadsheet.  We have developed this detailed style, not only to ensure an accurate estimate from the beginning, but also to enable the owner to see exactly what is included in their proposal.  The schedule of values is also very useful for tracking changes throughout the project.


The next phase includes signing a contract. We suggest, and use most often the A1A contract, widely used in residential building and preferred by architects. Draft contracts are available upon request for your review.


After all permits are obtained, the building process begins. Our management style regarding the actual construction process sets us apart from other high-end builders in the area. You will not find a team approach as tightly woven as ours including a team manager. Our office resources allow us to be extremely proactive with scheduling, and projects move along at a good pace, coming in on their intended timeframes.

As tangible progress appears, we employ a system of weekly updates so that you are always informed of the evolution of your new home. We include digital progress photos for your review.


As your home nears completion our special team of “finishers” are brought on site. Their job is to complete your home by taking care of all the small details and final touches. Bringing everything in the home to a finished level requires time and effort. We have specialists dedicated to your project at the appropriate time. The finishing process, in our opinion, is one of the most important parts of the project.


It’s time to move in. And we’re still with you. We like to work closely at this time with owners and designers. We prefer to be present to take care of any need from heavy lifting, floor protection and small items such as putting furniture together or hanging pictures, etc. That’s attention to detail. That’s next level service.


In addition to ensuring your satisfaction with our product, D. L. Miner offers services to maintain your home. We keep records of your home selections on everything from painting for touch-ups to replacement items. Many of our clients use the services of D. L. Miner Property Management. We can provide a full check of all the systems and areas of your home throughout the winter months, clean up in the spring, set up and make sure it is move-in ready when the season begins. More importantly, we preserve your home in its’ pristine “first built” condition, so you and your family can continue to enjoy that new home feeling for years to come.

Please view some of our completed projects.